From: Lars Chance on
Peter wrote:
>> same same here. I'd been travelling down Sydney Rd brunswick for
>> years before I noticed the "40" zone around a school housed in an old
>> church.
>> Moike
> :-P

From: John Tserkezis on
Nev.. wrote:

>>> I was suggesting it and it is. Let me explain. 91 + 2kmh accuracy leeway
>>> + 5 kmh my DR650 speedo is slow..... that would be 98kmh on my speedo.

>> And there's the problem. Inaccuracies in your speedo are YOUR problem.
>> They're not the problem of the Government, the council, the police, and
>> neither of the manufacturer of your vehicle.

> I think you (and some of the others who have replied to Peter) need to
> go back to the first post because you appear to be off on tangents. His
> question was concerning any know faults in the speed camera or signage
> at that location which an out-of-towner might not know about.

Fair, I'll elaborate on the reasoning of my reply.

I'm questioning just the quoted statement, not the entire message.

The first statement (above) shows Peter using a common, but largely
inaccurate and inconsistent method of gauging real speed, when it would
appear the speedo has a scale and/or non-linear error.

I've only met a few vehicles that were close enough for me to consider
good enough, all the others were nothing other than just hopeless. So,
I *NEVER* consider a built-in speedo as useful, even if I have enough
experience with accurate comparisons to do it.
Had he said, "my GPS thingamybobba said 82Km/h as I passed the 80 zone
camera at a steady speed..." we wouldn't be having this argument.
It gets a bit more complex though, although GPS is reasonably accurate
(OK, very) it's only good at showing you your instantaneous speed, the
update is quite slow (1-2 seconds) so if your speed is varying, it's not
going to be of help.
Your built-in speedo has a high update rate, but its accuracy may
waver. If the scale and/or linearity error isn't too bad (I've had
bikes that were next to useless) I only trust GPS, and guess any quick
relative changes, otherwise, I use a combination of the two.

We're not talking about that though, this is a mere guess said vehicle
would be need to be *reading* 98Km/h to explain the reported 91Km/h
fine. Based on assumed speed measuring equipment leeway and offset of
said speedo.

That's not going to cut it, and certainly no-one of relevant authority
else is going to take that explanation either.
From: F Murtz on
Moike wrote:
> theo wrote:
>> On May 19, 3:22 am, "bikerbetty" <bikerbettyatgmaildotcom> wrote:
>>> It caught heaps of locals when it first went live - so many Canberra
>>> drivers
>>> run on 'auto pilot' - they didn't even see the THREE preceding signs
>>> warning
>>> them of its presence... THAT is what I find scary.
>> Roads are littered with so many signs and advertising hoardings you
>> ignore most of them. I had a discussion with someone at work some
>> years ago about what the speed limit was on Beaufort St in Inglewood.
>> He said that as it wasn't signed otherwise the speed limit would be
>> 50, not 60. As I rode down the entire length from Lord St I said I was
>> sure there was a 60 sign along there somewhere. The next day I looked
>> for the sign. There were 16 of them along the 8km section I travelled
>> on. I had only deen travelling to and from work on that road for 5
>> years then.
>> Theo
> same same here. I'd been travelling down Sydney Rd brunswick for years
> before I noticed the "40" zone around a school housed in an old church.
> Moike

I have discovered similar things since I just got a very cheap gps,$60
it has software in it which tells you the limit of the road you are on,
warns if you exceed it,warns of cameras, school zones, 40 in school
hours, normal limit non school hours etc.(extra one off $ 9.90 for the
speed alert software.)
From: Peter on

> I'm ashamed to say that I got photographed pulling a wheelstand (and
> had to endure a subsequent fine and 12 month 0-points probation) after
> I'd already seen the camera-car and said to gNatalie "What a stupid
> place for a camera; he's so obvious he's not going to catch
> anyone....") Why was I pulling a wheelstand?
> Because gNatalie's grade12 school-friends were watching of course!!

and you had your number plate on an angle to fool the camera!

From: Marty H on
On May 20, 7:59 pm, Lars Chance <lars.cha...(a)> wrote:
> Marty H wrote:
> > as I cant see Nev's posts... I have to agree with him
> > but that is text for you, 10 people can read the same thing 10
> > different ways
> > mh
> > (or just read mine badly)
>  >
> How come you "can't" see Nev's posts. Is your ISP a no-Nev zone or
> something?

I read via google groups and for some reason Nev's posts dont
show up in google

I only see them when he is quoted like the last post I quoted

> I thought the Internet pretty-much allowed anyone to see anything they
> want to see.

no, the people run the server/webpage/forum have full control over
what is seen. In this case after talking to Nev about it, because he
posts from 2 different places using the same info, Google then sees it
as spam and deletes it from its servers or something along the lines
of that

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