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>> much like air conditioning, the alternator still turns over at a
>> constant rate no matter how much power your draining!
> OK, do me a favour. Go out to the shed, fire up your car and let
> it idle. make a note of where the tacho needle is sitting. Now, turn
> the lights on, full christmas tree, high beams, the works. Make a
> note of where the tacho needle is sitting now.
> Thanks,
> GB

800 revs.

each time.


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Mad-Biker wrote:
> <Me> watches the P platers go through thecertified highspeed drivers check
> list.


> windows up, door locked for added safety in a roll over, check.

I'd have thought that the doors being locked might be good if folk were
trying to pull occupants out of car, or, OTOH, bad... for the same reason.

Many years ago, in britain, it used to be illegal to drive a car with
the doors locked.

The logic was that if you stacked it, locked doors made it harder for
people to pull you out of the remains.

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Iain Chalmers wrote:
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>> OK; I can accept the logic of centrifugal force causing the centre of the
>> valve to pull down (towards the outside of the tyre) at high speed and
>> letting the tyre deflate. (Sorry Nathan; I didn't understand the equation
>> and sorry Theo; I didn't understand the explanation.)
> Whether it's a "real world" effect or not I don't know, but that's the
> marketing spin Ducati use to hype up the 90 degree valve stems they use
> on the 99* and 74* range...

Bugga me! Being a simple lad, I thought they were just to make it
easier to get the end of the air hose connected. :-)

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Knobdoodle wrote:
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>>>> Nev.. wrote:
>>>>> My alternator keeps my battery at a full charge, which means it must be
>>>>> providing more charge than I actually use, all the time, which means
>>>>> that any charge required for accessories like lights and radio is being
>>>>> produced all the time, regardless of whether or not I'm actually using
>>>>> them, which means that no more fuel is required.
>>>>> How's that for logic?
>>>> Going well until the last bit which should read... "which means that
>>>> fuel use varies partly according to alternator output" :)
>>> Well yessss... but I think Nev's point was that the alternator output is
>>> not affected by headlights, accessories, etc,.. so that's not something
>>> you have any control over.
>>> --
>> However Nev has oversimplified.
>> An alternator will only produce the required amount of amps needed to run
>> the operating electrical systems in the car (charging, lights, stereo,
>> heater/air-con fan, etc) up to the output capacity of the alternator. As
>> the amp demand increases, so does the load on the alternator, which in
>> turn puts an added load on the engine running the alternator.
>> So yes the battery will stay charged provided the power demands of the
>> alternator are not exceeded, but that does not mean there is constant load
>> on the alternator up to it's production limit.
> In a car yes; but I think Nev was talking about the horrible constant-output
> (dependent on revs) setups that bikes have these days.

Really :)

My Bandit doesn't have that type. My GSX1100G doesn't either. I'm not
sure about the Guzzi... but given the basic design age I'd be surprised...

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Knobdoodle wrote:
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>> paulh wrote:
>>> Running a headlight doesnt
>>> increase the load on the engine because the engine doesnt provide
>>> electricity based on demand, it provides the same amount regardless of
>>> load.
>> It produces electricity based on load demand (modified by the actual
>> battery capacity and storage and the generators 'size').
> Alternators with brushes do but modern bikes use brushless alternators that
> aren't load-variable. (As far as I understand it)

And 2 of my 3 bikes (possibly all 3) don't have that type of alternator,
most vehicles don't have that type of alternator and my comments were
based on 'an alternator' *shrug*.

Not my fault if Honda cheap out *smile*

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