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Nev.. wrote:


> I know in new Commodores (and I presume other production cars as well),
> whenever the airbags are deployed, the doors all automatically unlock,
> and the interior light turns on.

Oh! OK, I didn't know that...sounds fairly reasonable. Thanks.

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Nev.. wrote:
> Theo Bekkers wrote:
>> Nev.. wrote:
>>> My alternator keeps my battery at a full charge, which means it must
>>> be providing more charge than I actually use, all the time, which
>>> means that any charge required for accessories like lights and radio
>>> is being produced all the time, regardless of whether or not I'm
>>> actually using them, which means that no more fuel is required.
>>> How's that for logic?
>> Terrible! Does that work for the air-conditioner as well?
> Exactly the same if the air conditioner is an alternator. I know stuff
> all about electrics, which is probably obvious.. but if the moving parts
> of the alternator are in constant motion which is determined by the
> crankshaft, and is producing a supply of electricity, and the current
> produced is drawn on my the engine electrics, other electrics, whatever
> is left is stored in the battery, and whatever is left over after that
> disappears into void, and the load on the crank of the moving parts of
> the alternator is constant, how does adding more load to the alternator
> output increase the physical load on the crank and increase fuel
> consumption?
> Nev..
> '04 CBR1100XX
The output of nearly all car alternators and generators is regulated by a "regulator" (duh) which regulated output by changing coil current which alters load (W=F*S) which just might affect fuel consumption. The reduction in load from decreased wind resistance, which goes up with about the cube of wind speed, with the windows down can match the extra alternator load. So there you are!
JohnW Ha,ha.
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Toosmoky wrote:
> Nev.. wrote:
>> I know in new Commodores (and I presume other production cars as
>> well), whenever the airbags are deployed, the doors all automatically
>> unlock, and the interior light turns on.
> In BMWs, the windows also drop two inches so the pressure increase
> inside the car when the airbags deploy doesn't blow them (or your
> eardrums) out, the battery leads sever themselves with a pyrotechnic
> charge and the car calls BMW for help.

I do remember someone telling me that the top-of-the-line BMs had some
kind of driver acknowledgment code, which, if it didn't get it after
air-bags deployed, it would call 000.

Does "the battery leads sever themselves with a pyrotechnic charge"
sound scarey to anyone else?

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Hammo wrote:
>>> CrazyCam wrote:
>> Aye, but, Joe Public doesn't have them, and Joe is the most likely
>> person to be first on the scene.
> Joe Public should be keeping the scene clear of further accidents and
> keeping themselves and others out of D-> danger. Then contacting people
> with the skills to undertake a rescue if they don't know what they are
> doing.


> There is no need for others to get hurt.

Also agreed.


>> In similar circumstances today, I'd really hate to just have to sit and
>> watch what happens because the doors are locked. <shrug>
> Do you think you would? Do you think you have to?

"Would" or "have to" what?

Hate standing by helplessly....yup, I think I would, but wouldn't have
to. I could, perhaps, try to rationalise doing nothing much to help with
thoughts like:"Car drivers deserve it."

Stand by helplessly...dunno, depends so much on the circumstances.
I think I have to at least stand by, by law.

Or, are you asking if I would still try and take people out of a
potentially lethal situation? In which case, I'd like to think that I

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> GB wrote:
>> "Mad-Biker" <mad-biker(a)westnet(Panties)> wrote in
>> news:45c7e78c$0$1028$61c65585(a)
>> au:
>>> much like air conditioning, the alternator still turns over at a
>>> constant rate no matter how much power your draining!
>> OK, do me a favour. Go out to the shed, fire up your car and let
>> it idle. make a note of where the tacho needle is sitting. Now, turn
>> the lights on, full christmas tree, high beams, the works. Make a note of
>> where the tacho needle is sitting now.
> I hope you're not suggesting that it will move, because that will blow the
> original "uses more fuel" argument out of the water...
It'll show that there's more load and that equivalent throttle settings
result in lower revs.
Therefore you would draw the conclusion that a higher throttle setting would
be required to maintain the same revs and thus more fuel would be used in
any comparable situation.

What's the logic behind your "blows .. argument out of the water"?

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