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> Hammo <hbaj2006(a)> wrote:
>> Paul is correct. Feel free to point out where he is wrong.
> Sure. That's not how a switch-mode regulator works, at all.
> -----sharks

When you pop over, feel free to show me that is what I have....


I'll provide the magicians hat!

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Nev.. wrote:


> So for all intents and purposes, the amount of additional fuel consumed
> when the headlights are turned on is immeasurable, so this "lights on =
> more fuel" business exists in theory only.

Well, in theory, theory and practice ought to be the same, but, in
practice, they aren't.

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GB wrote:


> Answer me this one:
> You take a fridge and put it in a temperature sealed room. You
> lock the door to the room so that Johno can't upset the test by
> coming in and getting beers for people every two minutes. You
> leave the fridge door open, and the fridge running.
> Does the ambient temperature inside the temperature sealed
> room rise or fall?

This is, of course, a trick question.

Everyone knows that a fridge is simply a heat pump, gathering heat from
inside, and moving it outside, but... with the fridge door open, the wee
light will be on, thus heating up the insides of the room.


N.B. the fridge will not use more petrol because the light is on, except
if it is a petrol fired fridge.

From: Theo Bekkers on
Knobdoodle wrote:

> I've never looked at a points system
> and said "I can't get this home".

I have. Rented a Budget Ford Fiesta in England to get from Manchester to
Heathrow to catch the plane home. At 5 in the morning on the M1 (I think)
engine died. Coasted to an emergency phone. Can't call budget from them.
Looked under the bonnet, took top off distributor. No contact there, as in
missing altogether. Got the RAC out. Some genius had adjusted the points by
bending the moving arm, and it had snapped off. He had another set in his
van. Made it to the airport on time. Budget refused to give me any discount
as I 'had not given them the opportunity to fix the problem'. They did
reimburse me the 3 quid I had to pay the RAC man for the points.


From: Theo Bekkers on
G-S wrote:
> Knobdoodle wrote:

>> In a car yes; but I think Nev was talking about the horrible
>> constant-output (dependent on revs) setups that bikes have these
>> days.

> My Bandit doesn't have that type. My GSX1100G doesn't either. I'm
> not sure about the Guzzi... but given the basic design age I'd be
> surprised...

Guzzi went to brushless, permanent magnet alternator with the Cali 1100 in
1994. Used the Ducati branded regulator. After two of those I replaced mine
with an aftermarket Japanese one. Never had another problem. (Obviously it
wasn't from Honda).


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