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Boxer wrote:
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> > It's a more than a thimbleful, but small enough to disappear into the
> > noise for most people I suspect... My little bike gets around
> > 4.75L/100km so I _might_ notice a 0.1L increase, but it's only got 60W
> > of headlight. I suspect Nev's lucky to get less than 20L/100km out of
> > his car, and he'd be unlikely to notice a 0.1L/100km increase - it'd
> > almost certainly be overshadowed by head/tail winds, traffic delays,
> > imperceptible inclines, etc...
> >
> > bored-at-work-big
> My 5.7 litre HSV gets an average of about 16.5L/100km in the city and
> 10.0L/100km on the highway.
> Boxer

KLX300 - 26km/l. city. 0-110km/h in about 150m ;).. gotta be happy

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jlittler(a) says...
> On Feb 7, 5:30 pm, Toosmoky <toosm...(a)> wrote:
> > Nev.. wrote:
> > > Toosmoky wrote:
> > There was a lot to take
> > in and I must admit I was somewhat amazed at the thinking that's gone
> > into them. A lot of current cars have such features. One that I forgot
> > about is an automatic fuel cutoff.
> Christ I had a 1979 Jaguar that had an auto fuel cutoff(1)

I read that as Christ had a 1979 Jaguar

I'm guessing crucifixion didn't seem so bad after that
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Nev.. wrote:

> No, you read my original post, have you forgotten it already? I stated
> there where the energy to power the lights was coming from. I have
> since been advised that except for my bicycle, which has no alternator,
> my original post was correct for every vehicle in my garage which does
> have an alternator... and for the record, I followed your instructions
> as per above, and the tacho did not move, nor did the fuel rate change.
> Perhaps I need to revise some of those physics books of yours.
> Nev..
> '04 CBR1100XX
The mechanical resistance provided by the connection to the alternator
is constant, irrespective of whether that is a belt, chain or a bunch of
rods, and irrespective of the load on the electrical system. Adding
extra electrical load cannot possibly convert into mechanical disadvantage.

I think your critics are thinking of their bicycles with dynamo powered
headlights :-) More electrical load might make you discover that you
need to push harder to achieve the same results but there's no way the
dynamo itself gets harder to spin.


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GB wrote:
> "Nev.." <idiot(a)> wrote in news:45caa236$0$31829$5a62ac22(a)per-
>> GB wrote:
>>> "Nev.." <idiot(a)> wrote in
>>> news:45ca4b54$0$25355$5a62ac22(a)
>>>> Are you saying that if I measure something once per
>>>> second and then multiply that by 3600 my result is not an accurate
>>>> measure of an hourly rate?
>>> No, I'm saying that that's not how it figures it out.
>> Here are a few blank lines where you can explain how it figures out an
>> hourly fuel flow rate without taking the time and the flowrate of fuel
>> into account.
> No worries, right after you show me the bit where you show me
> the part where I claimed that it figures out an hourly fuel flow
> rate without taking the time and the flow rate of fuel into
> account.

Enough of the silly monkeys. Just explain whatever it is you are
avoiding. How does the engine management computer figure out the fuel
flow rate?

'04 CBR1100XX
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>"Nev.." <idiot(a)> wrote in

snipped alot...

>> If it's measuring 2.68l/hr once per second that would be umm...
>> 0.0007444L/sec.. I reckon it updates about maybe 3 times per second
>> meaning it's measuring 0.00024815L/sec. I would have to check your
>> physics books to see if that is near enough to a poofteenth or not, I
>> reckon it is probably pretty damn close.

I *know* I should know... but just how much is a poofteenth? Is is
metric / Imperial? How is it measured?

Johno <dang fangled new maths>

If GB has taken the fridge out of the sealed room.... Beer any1?

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