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"Andrew McKenna" <NOcmorSPAM3047(a)> wrote:
> Simple test: drive a test vehicle (use Nev's) to a stadium with lights and
> connect lights to a light circuit on the test vehicle (don't ask me how,
> there seem to be a gadmillion electrical geniuses in here, you lot figure
> it out). Step 2: turn on lights. If I'm wrong the test vehicle will stall.
> If I'm right the lights won't come on but the test vehicle will run
> normally.
> --
Well you're wrong but the engine won't stall.
The lights will glow extremely dimly for a very short time and then either
the fan-belt will slip or the alternator/regulator will cease to function
(and let the magic smoke out).

Couple Nev's car engine to a several-thousand KVA alternator and try it
though and the engine will stop (or automatically up-power itself to cope).

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GB wrote:
> atec <"atec77 "> wrote in news:45cc4d60$0$1150$61c65585(a)un-
>> In fact if you take an ungoverned motor driving a genny it will in that
>> circumstance slow in revs due to load increase which is why a governing
>> unit is used to maintain speed , now do you agree ?
> Nah mate, Nev's commondore has an EFI computer, not a "governing
> unit".
> GB
It is too.
it might not have swinging arms in the physical sence but at a base
electronic level there is still a little robot screaming Danger Dr Smiff

when the maf sensor sends a signal/
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bigiain-4BB898.14455509022007(a), "Iain Chalmers"
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> In article <1170991916.236141.278030(a)>,
> "jlittler(a)" <jlittler(a)> wrote:
>> On Feb 9, 1:09 pm, Iain Chalmers <bigi...(a)> wrote:
>>> In article <C1F11DF8.11BAB%hbaj2...(a)>,
>>>>> That's not going to make much of a dent on Nev's 5.7L V8, but it's over
>>>>> 10% of the total max output of a Deux Chevaux.
>>>> 10 per cent?
>>> Do you know what a Deux Chevaux is? Do you know why they call it that?
>>> Do you know how many watts 2hp is?
>> errm in line with the definition of a poofteenth, you've unfortunately
>> been sucked in by a common misconception
> Fair enough, so maybe it's only 3 and a bit percent - my point still
> stands (and if it was anyone other than disingenous-hammo arguing wiooth
> me I'd consider apologising...)

It's all about him, anyway, he just likes the laughs (oh and the sooks).


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On 9/2/07 4:31 PM, in article 45cc07e7$1(a), "Theo Bekkers"
<tbekkers(a)> wrote:

> Hammo wrote:
>> Actually, I'm gonna use solar power!
> Isn't petrol just very old solar power?

Will I need to use synthetic or mineral oil?


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NUYyh.5171$sd2.1392(a), "Knobdoodle"
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> "Hammo" <hbaj2006(a)> wrote in message
> news:C1F1774F.1F39A%hbaj2006(a)
>> On 9/2/07 12:34 AM, in article
>> YFFyh.4682$sd2.653(a), "Knobdoodle"
>> <knobdoodle(a)> wrote:
>>> "Nev.." <idiot(a)> wrote:
>>>> I think you've been reading too many physics books and you've lost sight
>>>> of reality. Are you saying that if I measure something once per second
>>>> and then multiply that by 3600 my result is not an accurate measure of
>>>> an
>>>> hourly rate? Do you think the computer controlling the fuel rate just
>>>> guesses?
>>> No; it actuates the injector the exact amount that it's been told to for
>>> the
>>> conditions it's measured.
>>> It then displays the exact mpg (L/Hr, Km per kilojoule or whatever)
>>> that's
>>> it's been told to display too.
>>> But it doesn't have any idea what a litre actually is and it certainly
>>> doean't have any ability to actually measure one!
>> Eh?
>> It's measured, but it can't measure?
> Quantify "measured".

That is exactly what I am asking you to do!!


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