From: Theo Bekkers on
Knobdoodle wrote:
> "Hammo" <hbaj2006(a)> wrote

>> Do tell, how?

> [crinkles brow] err; by providing extra load on the engine.....
> (Is this a trick question?)

It's a Hammo question. What do you think?

Also confused about getting 110 watts of light with no power input.

From: Theo Bekkers on
Nev.. wrote:

> My alternator keeps my battery at a full charge, which means it must
> be providing more charge than I actually use, all the time, which
> means that any charge required for accessories like lights and radio
> is being produced all the time, regardless of whether or not I'm
> actually using them, which means that no more fuel is required.
> How's that for logic?

Terrible! Does that work for the air-conditioner as well?


From: Theo Bekkers on
Boxer wrote:

> Where does the electricity go when it is wasted?

Lies down in the gutter until partially sober and then staggers home?


From: Theo Bekkers on
Knobdoodle wrote:
> "Mad-Biker" <mad-biker(a)westnet(Panties)> wrote:

>> tyres including valve cap tightness, air pressure, tread, check
>> (apparently if the valve caps arnt on, a tyre can suck in the valve
>> stem and cause a blow out under extreme highload according to
>> instructors?!)
> ~
> [boggle] I've never hear THAT one!!

I think the centripetal force sucks it in to the centre.

New to me too.

From: Theo Bekkers on
Mot Adv-NSW wrote:
> "George W Frost"
>> Some of these driving lights are actual spotlights, some are even
>> larger than the original headlights ( Subaru ) and when they are on
>> as well as headlights.....

> Front fog lights are not headlights, and front fogs are only to be
> used under 'hazardous weather conditions causing reduced visibility',
> nationally end of 07 - and in WA and NSW now.

In WA, $200 fine if fog-lights on when no fog, $400 if on in conjunction
with headlights.
Enforcement - nil. Compliance - nil.


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