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>Peter Cremasco wrote:
>> On Fri, 9 Feb 2007 08:22:27 +1100, "Dale Porter" <daleaporter(a)>
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>>>> Strangely enough, the Camira engine speed increases when the a/c is
>>>> switched on. I think that's the ECU overcompensating for the extra load,
>>>> though.
>>> That would be due to the air-con compressor not being driven by the engine, more the other way around. It starts up and runs at a
>>> higher speed than the engine does at idle.
>> The compressor is driven by the engine, via two belts.
>Nah mate, it's a Camira :)
>Nev.. (I think you were whooshed)

Hmmm. Perhaps you are right. [walks away mumbling something about

PeterC [aka MildThing]

'01 Yamaha FJR1300
# 37181
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> "Nev.." <idiot(a)> wrote in message
>> Knobdoodle wrote:
>>> "Nev.." <idiot(a)> wrote:
>>>> Ok so I tested it myself.
>>>> 5.7 Lt EFI Holden in diagnostics mode.
>>>> All Lights off idle speed ~803
>>>> All Lights on idle speed ~803
>>>> All lights off fuel rate 2.68L/hr
>>>> All lights on fuel rate 2.68L/hr
>> OK so I went out to my car, on a different day, in different weather
>> conditions and the above measurements all replicated.. surprising since
>> some people have been so adamant that the system which measured them
>> wasn't accurate, reliable or repeatable.. but anyway..
> And some people said they were just pre-programmed responses unaffected by
> actual conditions.
> It looks like those people may've been right eh?

Measure voltage as well. Under those 4 conditions and ("bring a mirror and
flashlight to, observe") annotate.


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On 11/2/07 9:13 AM, in article 12ssgrth1gbf586(a), "G-S"
<geoff(a)> wrote:

> Hammo wrote:
>> There is no waste as I want
>> it on and it does it's job well. Yes, it uses fuel, no it's not a waste.
>> Crystal?
> Crystal but _still_ an irrelevant red herring.
> The point under discussion isn't if the fuel used is wasted or not...
> the point is 'is there fuel being used' to run the lights, and some
> people seem to be in denial about the fact that there is.
> Others like you seem content to throw odd, technically correct but
> totally useless and irrelevant comments into the conversation.
> You didn't perhaps work for Microsoft in a past life did you? :)

Yawn, resorting to thinly disguised insults now? Lame, I thought better of

That argument is moot and has been raised already re: the inefficiencies of
the internal combustion engine.


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45ce4e2a$0$31845$5a62ac22(a), "IK"
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> atec wrote:
>> Hammo wrote:
>>> "Theo Bekkers" <tbekkers(a)> wrote:
>>>> Hammo wrote:
>>>>> Actually, I'm gonna use solar power!
>>>> Isn't petrol just very old solar power?
>>> Will I need to use synthetic or mineral oil?
>>> Hammo
>> Olive ?
> Leave the man out of this.



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Dale Porter wrote:
> "G-S" <geoff(a)> wrote in message news:12ssgjljmbg0s65(a)
>> jlittler(a) wrote:
>>> On Feb 10, 8:47 pm, Kathryn Vickers <iamsista...(a)> wrote:
>>>> Sing along with me now (al la Summer Holiday)
>>>> "Hammo's playing Devil's Advocate
>>>> Trying to get bites from one or two
>>>> He'll keep going 'til you lose your rag with it,
>>>> Pedantic bantering keeps him sane
>>>> There's nothing you can do"
>>> While patently true, there's a difference between obstinately arguing
>>> an inaccurate, irrelevant or indefensible point and being a devil's
>>> advocate that Hammo always seems to miss
>> And this is exactly the difference in style of comment between someone like Dales father and Hammo...
> And IIRC, you have experienced my father playing Devil's Advocate at some point.
Indeed :)

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