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GB wrote:
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>> No. I established 'facts' by gathering data,
> They weren't facts, they were unrepeatable approximations made
> by a cheap measuring device.

And I also established that they were repeatable, and you continue to
make unsubstantiated allegations that they are not.

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>> No no no.. I have never quoted any figures produced by the trip
>> computer for calculated fuel economy/usage/whatever. Where I did
>> throw some l/100km figures into the discussion (in reply to Boxer's
>> comments) they were measured at the pump, not quoted from the trip
>> computer.
> Where do you think the trip computer gets the raw numbers from?

Are you trying to establish that the trip computer makes accurate fuel
economy calculations?

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"Nev.." <idiot(a)> wrote:

> G-S wrote:
> > Nev.. wrote:
> >> Knobdoodle wrote:
> >>
> >>> [crinkles brow]
> >>> What's this new diversion you're trying now Hammo?
> >>> "the inefficiencies of the internal combustion engine."?!!?
> >>> What the hell has that got to do with the fuel waste through
> >>> unnecessary use of driving lights?
> >>
> >> Eh? I thought we'd already established that there was no waste, or,
> >> if there was, it was only measurable at a theoretical level.
> >>
> > No we established that you car fuel measuring device wasn't sensitive
> > enough to measure it but that practical measurment devices for measuring
> > the effect did in fact exist :)
> No. I established 'facts' by gathering data, you made 'unsubstantiated
> allegations' about the data collection method in order to discredit that
> data.

And I calculated that 120W of headlights consumes something like 100mL
per hour plus or minus 40%.

Nobody has challenged those numbers, and my sanity check calculations
seem to indicate I'm at least in the right order of magnitude with that


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On Feb 12, 6:15 pm, Hammo <hbaj2...(a)> wrote:
> On 12/2/07 10:43 AM, in article
> <jlitt...(a)> wrote:
> > On Feb 11, 11:50 pm, Hammo <hbaj2...(a)> wrote:
> >> <knobdoo...(a)> wrote:
> >>> "Hammo" <hbaj2...(a)> wrote:
> >> Now fuel systems are all about air to fuel ratio. Best situation is when
> >> the ratio is adjusted for all situations. Hence EFI becoming better and
> >> better wrt emissions. Why? It's not magic, it is due to the monitoring of
> >> the system and adjustments that are made via many circuits many times per
> >> second. What is based on? What measurement could possibly do this, what
> >> principle? Stoichiometry.
> >> I.e. The equation for combustion wrt air:fuel ratio. That monitors how much
> >> fuel is required. It is calculated via moles of fuel based on the RON.
> >> This is why some cars run better, or require higher octane fuels (wrt EFI).
> >> If you have a running total of fuel used based on the chemical reaction, you
> >> have a better indication than fuel flow as it relates to the chemistry, i.e.
> >> irreversible chemical reaction that converts fuel to energy.
> > <doubtful look> maybe the F1 teams do this, but too bloody expensive
> > for a run of the mill road car.
> No, I don't think so, and I this is why the focus on the need for a "fuel
> flow measure" to be utter bollocks. Clem claims it to be obfuscation.

<raised eyebrow> Who said you needed a fuel flow measurement to
improve fuel economy/efficiency ?

(I've said repeatedly you can't make assumptions about a multitude of
things, calculate a fuel flow and then claim you know it's
particularly accurate though)

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Hammo <hbaj2006(a)> wrote:
> Interesting justification. Discussion should be synergistic.

Synergy fouls your plugs!

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