From: sharkey on
Knobdoodle <knobdoodle(a)> wrote:
> Now go look under the bonnet and see if anything is glowing cherry-red.
> If not; your assumption about how your charging-system works must be wrong.

You poor deluded fool Clemmo! Heatsinks are made of aluminium, and
every schoolchild knows that aluminum melts at 660�C so the heatsink
cannot possibly be glowing cherry red!

Nev, go and look under your car for a pool of molten aluminium ...

Du verschwendest �bertragungskapazit�ten.
From: sharkey on
G-S <geoff(a)> wrote:
> The 1 kilowatt of lighting on the coach (dual headlights, high power
> driving lights, fog lights, running lights and multiple rear lights)
> with the fixed fast idle engaged showed as a variation of 10ml a minute
> in the flow rate.

Nice one, centurion.

Du verschwendest �bertragungskapazit�ten.
From: sharkey on
jlittler(a) <jlittler(a)> wrote:
> > I'd say buy an X L V8 if you were inclined to towing loads where vehicle
> > mass and torque were concerns.
> XLV 8, hey, is that the new Honda replacement for the transalp ?
> 800cc's ?

I'd buy one (but I'd be checking the regulator first!)

Du verschwendest �bertragungskapazit�ten.
From: jlittler on
On Feb 14, 12:32 pm, Hammo <hbaj2...(a)> wrote:
> "jlitt...(a)" <jlitt...(a)> wrote:
> > On Feb 14, 12:40 am, Hammo <hbaj2...(a)> wrote:
> >> "Knobdoodle" <knobdoo...(a)> wrote:
> >>> "Hammo" <hbaj2...(a)> wrote in message
> >>>> <i...(a)> wrote:
> >>>>> G-S wrote:
> >>>>>> Repeatable yes... accurate no.
> >>>>> How do you know ?
> >>>> By his own assertion, contradicted himself!
> >>> [yawn]
> >>> Gee the obfuscator seems to be getting a bit dim there Hammo.
> >>> Maybe you need to divert some more of that magic non-fuelled power to it!
> >> Perhaps you'd like to consider what accurate and repeatable mean?
> >> Would you like a book on statistics, or will JL help you out? Feel free to
> >> make it easier for Nev to highlight his results, as, that is what you are
> >> doing!!! Thanks also to GS!!
> > <reluctantly> Yes Hammo, on that one you and Nev are right (although
> > there's a whole heaps of if ands and buts to add to that statement. I
> > got 3 lines into responding to the GB/Nev thread on that and said
> > "stuff it")
> > His results are indeed repeatable. That doesn't mean the principle
> > under discussion is wrong, just that the test isn't providing data
> > that will allow a the different options to be eliminated(1). More
> > testing required.
> > JL
> > (1) Yes Hammo, I'm short cutting a discussion of hypothesis testing,
> > methodology etc not relevant or useful
> I was pointing out that you have studied these theories and will therefore
> be able to acknowledge that there is no diversion involved.
> This type of "measuring" is the crux of analytical chemistry (as well as
> other fields), and as you know, is more than adequately explained in the
> theory. That is, confirmation of true measurement will always be an
> approximation.

Errm, I was agreeing with you Hammo (albeit reluctantly on principle).
See above.Similarly G-S's post which basically says "if your data
doesn't fit my theory it's wrong" is bad science methodology. However
extensive and exhaustive discussions of correct testing methods and
hypothesis formulation is going to be too painful(1), hence why I
started typing it and ditched it yesterday (or was it the day

It's also very squarely in the diminishing returns bucket, while it's
true if you were starting from first principles G-S's statement is
wrong, the reality is the physics in question are fairly well
understood, and if carefully tested in the appropriate controlled
environment I'm quite sure it would be able to be shown that Nev's car
uses more fuel with the lights on than the lights if all other
variables are held constant.

(1) for me, you may enjoy it, in which case go for your life.

From: jlittler on
On Feb 14, 12:39 pm, Hammo <hbaj2...(a)> wrote:
> On 14/2/07 11:58 AM, in article
> bigiain-AE5D94.11581914022...(a), "Iain Chalmers"
> Sorry to ruin the party boys....
> I don't know of too many machines that "idle" every where.

<Insert disingenous helpful look> "Boss Hoss" 5.7L V8 ? I bet it still
uses more petrol with the lights on too !


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