From: Wudsracer on
In the default map, my feet are on the Breezy Hills trail, and my
right ear is just below the TrainRobbers trail.

I just double clicked on the zoomed in map and it made a pointer.
I didn't think of using the search function.

The kids make a really cute couple.


>On Wed, 28 Oct 2009 16:55:30 -0700 (PDT), SloCalSpode <jjwallace(a)> wrote:

> Done, but it put my little ICON a block too far east. No biggie.
> The sat pic must have been taken 3-4 years ago though.
> SloCalSpode
> IdaSpode wrote:
>> >>As usual, it's the loose nut behind the wheel at fault. Try again.
>> DJ

Wudsracer/Jim Cook
Smackover Racing
'06 Gas Gas DE300
'82 Husqvarna XC250

From: JayC on
'Kay - that was fun.

From: Tosk on
In article <aa9b9788-a930-41b3-b2a6-440c2c549ac4>, jwc(a) says...
> 'Kay - that was fun.
> JayC

Hey, didn't know you were that close.. BTW, hey Dean, get off my head
man, I am sick of gettin' run over by you woods crashers!

Rowdy Mouse Racing, ouch...
From: Dean H on

> I see you! Tami is on too. You two are so close together you will have
> to zoom in to see the separation.
> >Mike Baxter
> DJ

Now I'm sorta blocking Scotty. Sorry dewd.

Zoom in and take a virtual walk to Roost Beach!

I wonder how I inform the map makers of errors. They've got my
neighborhood streets all screwd up. Kelsey goes over next to
Overshores West. And Blakeman goes where they have Lee. Lee is then
siamesed right next to Blakeman with a fence between them.
Yes, my place has the blue tarp. LOL
From: sturd on
IdaSpode sets up:


john, whatcha doin on Great Guana? Maybe I'll swim
over from Dunmore Town in Feb.

Go fast. Take chances.
Mike S.

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