From: john on
conch fritters & lobster salad, what else is there in life???
wifi is spotty but the hoolleywoody types don't know krap about
net security so mooching is easy round here. in Feb. I'll be
state side, march-april most likely between treasure cay
& green turtle to go diving with brendal (dudes a nut)
hope town is closer, & i'm there often. if you see a yellow
supercub on floats it's either my dad or me horsing around
beware the guana grabber, they sneak up on ya fast
& tie your shoelaces together <so you can't walk right>

"sturd" <mikesturdevant127(a)> wrote in message
> IdaSpode sets up:
> john, whatcha doin on Great Guana? Maybe I'll swim
> over from Dunmore Town in Feb.
> Go fast. Take chances.
> Mike S.

From: IdaSpode on
Jim is right, rather than using the search function, you can just
drill in to your location and click the map. I first placed my marker
by zip code, nowhere near my house. Then I poked in my street address,
it left my little devil sitting in the middle of the street, can't
have that, might get run over. I deleted it and zoomed in on my house.
I'm now safe and sound sitting on the roof over my garage. If anyone
is in the neighborhood, could you drop off a ladder? I need to go
inside and pee...

I also placed a marker at my favorite camping spot at Baumgartner.


On Thu, 29 Oct 2009 02:54:26 -0500, Wudsracer <babbaloo(a)>

>In the default map, my feet are on the Breezy Hills trail, and my
>right ear is just below the TrainRobbers trail.
>I just double clicked on the zoomed in map and it made a pointer.
>I didn't think of using the search function.
>The kids make a really cute couple.

From: Nate Bargmann on
IdaSpode wrote:

> Okie dokie, here we are, lets see where you are:

I'm on!

21 markers on the map as of right now.

- Nate >>


"The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all
possible worlds. The pessimist fears this is true."

Ham radio, Linux, bikes, and more:
From: Tiago on
On Oct 28, 4:34 pm, IdaSpode <not(a)> wrote:

> Okie dokie, here we are, lets see where you are:

Done, however I'm pointing the Zombie Lake on Zombie Woods. I live
just a little bit up north...

The map should start zoomed out... :-)

-- T

From: JayC on
> Hey, didn't know you were that close..

Yup - just over the border from MA (actually, I'm in MA now...). The
new place is a little under an hour north-northwest.

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