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Looks like Seattle needs to give the plod a remedial course in pursuit
driving and review the pursuit policies.

Police have radios, helicopters, and other police for a reason. The
proper technique for dealing with such a situation is teamwork, not
street racing. This jackass screwed the pooch and he _deserves_ to be

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one source said the patches looked like this:
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I'm a little surprised that a charge of "willfully not rendering assistance"
is possible. It was my understanding that generally I'm under no obligation
to help a dying person on the street, etc. It was my understanding that
legislatures and courts generally stayed away from the "failure to be a good
samaritan" legislation.

I'll look that one up.

Personally, I don't disapprove of the mocking behavior. He blew a chase
scenario, so a little teasing in one form or another is understandable. But
at the same time, they should have called for help or quickly arranged to
have someone else do it (for obvious reasons, they wouldn't want to use
their own cellphones).

They were really screwed on the "calling for help" scenario, though, if they
used their own cellphones. LE would definitely have used the call as
evidence of guilt for the behavior that caused the wreck. They were kind of
pinned because if they called for help they would definitely be prosecuted
for the other behavior.

I can actually think of more than one scenario where that could happen.
Let's say that I'm a kid in high school, on the track team, who just
shoplifted a pop and some twinkies. A donut-fed police officer chases after
me. I'm able to outrun him, but then he keels over of a heart attack yards
behind me during the foot chase. The choices are all unpleasant at that
point. Simply escaping is a horrible moral choice. But rendering aid is a
horrible practical choice. Personally, I'd help the guy or gal and take
what comes from it. But I do understand that not everybody would make the
same choice.


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one source said the patches looked like this:

Whateve happened to DoD??