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> Treat someone like a subhuman and you're surprised when they behave like
> one?

No, you've got it backwards. The "race card" is too easily and too
often played by Negros (and Mexicans, too).

We treat Negros (and Mexicans) just as if they were White, and if this
particular Negro was being disciplined, it was for *cause*, not
because of his skin color.

The (failed) American experiment in equality for the last 46 years has
been to *ignore* skin color and pretend that there is no genetic
predisposition to inferiority.

Whites are supposed to ignore ethnic misbehavior and a bad attitude
and try and "see" a quality of character that transcends African
jungle culture and makes it possible for the Negro to perform well at

In a far worse incident that happened about 15~20 years ago, a Negro
airline attendant was caught stealing monies paid by passengers for
inflight liquor.

He was on a flight between Los Angeles and San Francisco when he
entered the cockpit, overpowered the pilots, and forced the aircraft
to crash into the ground at high speed, digging a huge crater.

This particular Negro felt that his firing was somehow unjust, and
investigators found a threatening note he'd written and placed in the
seatback pocket in front of his former supervisor's seat.

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S'mee, resident tough-talking mulatto. (high-yellow groid)
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