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Dr Ivan D. Reid wrote:
> On Sun, 04 Apr 2010 16:10:10 +0100, Rusty Hinge
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>> The idea was to hook out corks which had escaped into winebottles, but
>> of course, they have much better uses. (All family and some fiends had
>> one for their drinkies cabinet, and IIRC, I've got two or three in the
>> workshop somewhere.)
> I think you can buy simla from RS, we have some approaching that
> description in the Big Lab's toolbox.
> Tho' if you can wait for the wine-bottle to be emptied, there's a
> U-Bend vidjo showing how to recover an errant cork using nowt but a
> plastic carrier bag. You stuff the carrier bag into the bottle and, then
> invert the bockle so that the cork falls down into the neck beside the
> bag. Gently inflate the bag, then pulling on the bag grips the cork and
> drags it through the neck.

Or. you have a cork and half a career bag in yer bockle innit.

The things were made to order - gentlemen's club/whine-bar customers do
if they're given a bockle with a cork swimming freestyle.

Howsomedever, the club went sub-aqua before the order was delivered.

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