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>> Coming out of Wymondham towards Ashwellthorpe there's the antidote to
>> that, Rightup Lane.
>> (Whoever Lane is...)
> 'Round here, we've got Falling Lane and Topping Lane. I'm not sure
> which to be more afraid of...

Where I used to live (-ish) there was a Hanging Hill Lane.

Now, and on a similar theme, there's a Bungaygrave Lane.

The former is more-or-less self-explanatory, as is the second when you
know that a 'Bungay' was the South Norfolk slang for a highwayman.

Until Dutch Elm disease (1980s) put paid to the tree on the crossroads,
the gibbet was still fixed there, on high.

They dew say he roides parst there on a moonlit noight, 'bor.

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> >
> > Bidding on ebay seems a bit slow at the moment, 110 watchers and only
> > 4 bids from 2 bidders. Am I being too optimistic ?.
> I never had that many watchers, but it all happened towards the end of
> the auction when I sold my Sprint ST. I never had a reserve though.

It sold just on the reserve for 900, only 4 bidders but 129 watchers.
Must be a load of Bantam nuts out there watching the market.

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