From: David Kelly on
On 7/15/10 1:23 PM, Wudsracer wrote:

> The benefit of resleeving the cylinder will be that the sleeve can
> be rebored to an oversize when the bore gets worn.

Catch-22 is that if its a plated cylinder one won't find much in the way
of overbore pistons.

> The drawback to resleeving is that (I was told) that the sleeved
> cylinder has slower heat transfer. (longer warm-up time, and possibly
> slightly hotter operating temps in extremely hot weather.)
> I know from experience that a resleeved cylinder will work well.

The problem is making full contact all the way around the sleeve. Any
place the sleeve fails to contact, or contacts lightly, will run hotter
than others. Sleeve will distort when heated unevenly. Maybe this will
be a problem, maybe not. No matter, sleeves were better for aluminum
block Chevrolet Vegas than the factory's bare aluminum cylinder because
the block was such a sorry design in the first place. Cast iron cylinder
head only made matters worse.