From: Tim H on
On Jul 19, 7:54 am, Mike Baxter <mgb...(a)> wrote:
> On Mon, 19 Jul 2010 10:23:09 +0200, Rowdy <thy...(a)> wrote:
> >Am 16.07.2010 16:51, schrieb Tim H:
> >> Our one saving grace is that he's going to be mostly riding his "old"
> >> 200 to save his 250 for the race we have to come home for on August
> >> 14th. The 200 will probably have the manual clutch back in it too, so
> >Personally, I'd very cautious disregarding people on 200s, there'll
> >be at least one person at IDSF on a 200 that is really fast!
> >Rowdy
> I can still ride fast, but I'll be out of energy WAY too quick these
> days.   My last ride with Scott had him making me work to keep up with
> him on a 125.  Scott can be the fast guy for a while.  
> Mike Baxter

And that was a shortened, softened '97 CR125 Honda, and on pretty
mountainous terrain to boot.
Scott loves that bike. Since Tami has thrown her affections to another
125 now and the poor Honda is just seen as a space waster, he's trying
to figure out how he can make it his own for a practice/play bike.
Imagine what he could do on it with full length suspension set up for
Scott likes being the fast guy, but still appreciates the benefits of
riding with faster guys. Today he's heading a couple of hours south to
ride on a private MX/Hare Scrambles course (18 minute lap times for
pro class riders!) with our friend Carol Williams (ex-WMA pro MXer, 2
time 6 Days rider), Brenden Ritzman (WORCS Pro class, 8th place at the
Honey Lake race), and Ryan Abbatoye (WORCS Pro 2 class, leading the
class this year after 6 events). He always comes home from days like
this faster than he left, and these guys are probably the fastest ones
he's practiced with yet. Yikes!

Tim H
From: PrairieRider on
On Jul 19, 9:23 am, IdaSpode <not(a)> wrote:

> I hope you are not referring to me, you are creating unreal
> expectations. The only time I am remotely "fast" is when I'm riding
> with someone extremely slow..

I am gonna make you look soooooo good! :-)
From: HellSickle on
On Jul 15, 8:52 am, SloCalSpode <jjwall...(a)> wrote:
>  You guys need to stop your ride training right now.
>  Any injury this close to the fest could ruin the fun
>  and leave you to sit in camp all day drinking and
>  talking smack with the few who remain with you.
>  Save the heroics for Willow Creek, Little Water and
>  Snow slide trails......Just a suggestion... =;^)
>  Ask Tami about the virtues of bubble wrap and
>  staying off a bike the week before SpodeFest.


Nearly had a Sonny Bono tree incident on Saturday. Bubble wrap would
have been a good idea. I still don't know how my bike ended up on
the back side of that big tree. Musta been a wicked pissa stoppie
right at the end, just before I ejected into the soft bushes. Someone
was looking out for me. Not a scratch or a bruise. I think the DRZ
needs a steering damper.

Post accident reconstruction:

Complete ride report here.

280 miles the first day, 140 the second. I don't recover from these
things as quickly as I used to.

From: Dean H on
IdaSpeedy wrote:
> The only time I am remotely "fast" is when I'm riding
> with someone extremely slow..

From: IdaSpode on
On Wed, 21 Jul 2010 11:41:57 -0700 (PDT), HellSickle
<jdeeney(a)> wrote:

>Post accident reconstruction:

Apparently, the original owner didn't include the stock Suzuki Come
Along when you bought the bike. Probably should seek an aftermarket

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