From: VTR250 on
If you are curious to see the draft AS/NZS 3845 (crash barriers), due
for publication this month, then you should be thinking about testing
your login credentials and paking sure your accounts are set up
correctly. If you are interested to do this, here is the procedure to
make sure it's all set up (this takes about 5 minutes):

1. Visit

This is the page you will need to visit when the existence of the
draft is announced. It isn't there yet.
You can also get to the above link by visiting
and click on "Drafts for Public Comment" in the left-hand nav bar.

2. Pick any DR-type link
You wil need to register your email address with Saiglobal to get the

3. Download and open the PDF. Different drafts have different ways of
submitting comments.
Example 1: DR AS 2700S CP Colour standards for general purposes.pdf
has a link to
on page 2 "the new way of giving feedback". This requires you to
register with Australian Standards.

Example 2: DR 10003 CP Water supply - Backflow prevention devices -
Part 1: Materials, design and performance requirements has a link to
at Comment Form.doc

Either way you will probably need to register with S.A.