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On Tue, 13 Apr 2010 19:43:34 +1000, "bikerbetty"
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>I'm not impressed. I reckon the dealer (Greg Dahlitz, Dahlitz Motorcycles
>Queanbeyan) is a star - he's offered to install a new fuel pump at cost, no
>labour charge, coz he likes to look after his customers. Suzuki should be
>the ones footing the bill for a fuel pump that should last a lot longer than
>a measly 59000kms.

Stop your huffing an puffing, get a new fuel pump and get over it.

>I love my SV, and have said for some time that I would keep getting SVs
>forever.... but perhaps I need to rethink that. Yes, I love the bike,
>despite the fact that the levers seem so flimsy ;-) but the big money parts
>like fuel pumps should have a bit of longevity and robustness about them!

>Am I being unreasonable?

No, but you may be being unrealistic in a consumer age where planned
obselescence is the name of the game.

Don't let the fuel pump thing put you off SVs. the're still a great
bike. Just factor that sort of thing into the running costs, budget
for them, and get over it.

Failing that, find out if there's anything the owner can do to
increase the logevity of the new fuel pump.


Onya bike

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On Apr 14, 11:06 am, Diogenes <cy...(a)society.sux.ok> wrote:

> No, but you may be being unrealistic in a consumer age where planned
> obselescence is the name of the game.

Did Suzuki plan for planned obsolescence when determining warranty

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Jordan wrote:
> Yuck! fuel pump on a bike.
> What isn't there, can't go wrong.
> The one in my Falcon cost $500 to fix. It's flaming well inside the tank
> - brilliant! for someone.
> Jordan
You were shafted
a new foulcan pump is less than 150 plus the tank seal at 22 plus an
hours labour

$250 max
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On Apr 14, 6:18 am, Kevin Gleeson <kevinglee...(a)>
> On Tue, 13 Apr 2010 14:16:54 -0700 (PDT), alx <alxr...(a)>
> wrote:
> >On Apr 13, 7:43 pm, "bikerbetty" <bikerbettyatgmaildotcom> wrote:
> >> So the SV had its 2nd birthday at the beginning of April. It's clocked up
> >> almost 59000kms, and had started making a funny whistling noise after my
> >> last big ride through the Snowies and down to Broadford in late March, the
> >> week after the big ride to Jodz's birthday.
> >> After waiting to get it booked in, and asking various people what they
> >> thought the weird noise might be, my lovely mechanic said 'Uh-oh, it's your
> >> fuel pump', so I took it back to the dealer on the off-chance that a
> >> warranty claim might be possible. I mean sheesh, you'd expect a fuel pump to
> >> last more than 2 years, right?
> >I thought the genuine Suzuki fuel filter was designed to protect the
> >genuine Suzuki fuel pump from the non-genuine alleged dirty fuel?
> >Anywayz...59,000 km  (59 thousand or, in Nigeria-Speak, FIFTY NINE
> >THOUSAND SUZUKI KILOMETRES) is a distance (for a motorcycle) far
> >enough to cause some wear and tear in a number of components.
> Yeah, I'll second that motion. Bikes have small components for obvious
> reasons. I reckon 59k km is a fair call for a fuel pump. It might have
> lasted a lot longer or a lot less. Sort of like a Honda rectifier.
> They could build a fuel pump that would last a lot longer but would
> have to make it from very expensive material or big and chunky and
> about the size of your fuel tank.
> That said, I would have thought you'd be inside warranty on less than
> two years?

You're kidding aren't you. A reasonable expectation for a fuel pump is
the life of the vehicle. My Cali 1100i fuel pump did 210,000 klicks in
12 years and, three years after I sold it, is still working fine for
the new owner.

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On Apr 14, 8:12 am, Zebee Johnstone <zeb...(a)> wrote:
> In on Tue, 13 Apr 2010 16:36:30 -0700 (PDT)
> JL <jlitt...(a)> wrote:

> > The middleweight Guzzis look quite attractive to we ducks diseased
> > ones - Haven't ridden one though.
> You'd have thought so.  But compared to the legendary v50 they are big
> porky buggers, and the V7 classic I sat on had a horribly high seat.
> The Cafe Classic might be better.
> The 750 Breva with the low seat wasn't bad.

Helen had a V65SP which was as low as the V50 and a V75 Sabre which
was also quite manageble.

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