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?swapping out Honda parts
I have a 1979 Honda CB650 that needs a charging system. I'm having trouble getting all of the parts together but I think some other years used the same system, which would broaden my search. Can anyone tell me what other years of that model use the identical charging system parts? Thanks, frog. ... 3 May 2010 09:53
Advice on choosing a bike
Some of you may remember that I wrote in about a stubborn carb problem with my 1978 SR500 thumper. Well, I finally solved that problem by reinstalling the stock carb, with a little rejetting to keep it from running too lean with the K&N filter that replaced the stock airbox. I just sold the Suzuki twin I boug... 20 Apr 2010 17:11
Gas spewing from carb drain tubes
I ride a 1981 honda cb900c. Love the bike, but the other day i had some starting difficulties. The problem was the choke cable had slid down and popped out. Anyways, i fixed this, but to see what it was i had to remove the carburetor. Now i put everything back together and voila it starts up, but spews gas all over... 19 Mar 2010 09:30
On Board Tire Repair Kits
Anyone used these? Should I buy one? ... 26 Jan 2010 19:03
How can I move, all alone, a disabled motorcycle (heavy, no front wheel)
Gael <breoganmacbrath(a)> wrote: Also, while you're scrounging shopping carts, get a few plastic milk crates to store parts in. Impecunious motorcyclists have been using milk crates for motorcycle workstands since the Beatles were a group... <Considers garage and shuffles feet embarrassedly> ... 11 Jan 2010 10:56
How can I move, all alone, a disabled motorcycle (heavy, no front wheel)
How can I move, all alone, a disabled motorcycle (heavy, no front wheel). Any ideas? I'm all alone and don't have a pickup. I can rent a truck but how do I get the heavy bike (rear wheel and engine and frame) onto and off the truck. ... 2 Feb 2010 19:54
Goldwing Speedo
I've got a 1984 Wing with a speedometer that starts squealing very load when I go faster than 40 mph when the air temp drops below 50 degrees . Gets louder the faster you go and won't stop till the bike comes to a stop. It's not the cable , so I suppose I've got to repair the speedometer in some way .. It only ... 21 Dec 2009 19:13
What is a Carter Pin?
Axel bolt??? I call it a nut. ww "Biker Dude" <jacobsenpaule(a)> wrote in message news:b7cc9e3e-5bb7-4112-bdc1-edf2d14f5f9e(a) ... 28 Nov 2009 10:11
Do you beleive these stats on Battery Voltages?
Battery Voltages Because batteries are always referred to as 12-volt (or 6V or 24V), it is often assumed that the normal voltage is 12V. In fact a 12V lead-acid battery only producing 12.0V is either almost flat or is delivering a large current (under a heavy load). In fact, a healthy 12V battery, when not ... 19 Dec 2009 19:19
Changing crank seals on an RD-400
My 77 RD-400 needs new crank seals. I have the factory service manual, but its procedures assume a complete teardown is required, and goes into the detail necessary to completely dissasemble engine & trans. I'm wondering if I can get by with substantially less dissasembly. Anyone done one of these lately? Can... 16 Nov 2009 14:43
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