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Got this email today From: Joan <joan(a)jlbb.org> To: Joan <joan(a)jlbb.org> Sent: Thu, June 24, 2010 10:24:29 AM Subject: Sputnik of TMRA Dear Biker Community: I received word this morning that Sputnik, Founder and State Chair of Texas Motorcycle Rights Association, passed away at 5:30 am this morning.... 27 Jun 2010 20:34
WARNING: More Motorcycle Content
Has anybody ever been in a situation where they were tempted to *reduce* air pressure in their tires for comfort during a ride? The recommended minimum air pressure and suspension settings in my Yamaha FZR1000 owner's manual don't work for me. The area I live in has rather extreme temperature variations which I... 11 Jun 2010 19:19
Today's ride
Nice ride today, the wildflowers were amazing. Went southeast from Austin, lots of good cruising roads, no wild twisties. Towns visited: Austin Lockhart Luling - Lunch at the City Matket meat market. Pretty good brisket, real good sausage. Ottine Gonzales Hamon Hochheim Petersville Shiner - Didn't s... 23 Apr 2010 18:56
Ride Report
Last week I rode over to Bill Catell's house. Did not see anybody home, but the place was full of stray cats. Not the band. Real damn cats. I went to louie's house but I didn't know where it was so I swung around down to Ennis, birthplace of Ed Hart, and encountered wind gusts to 40 mph which added speed someti... 7 Apr 2010 01:24
50 state ride for cancer support
Our local DMN(3/16/2010, page 1B,3B) contained a story on this guy diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, and his motorcycle ride through all 50 states. Here's his site that will apparently follow the ride progress. http://www.road2acure.org/ And, although viewer registration is probably required, here's the DMN l... 16 Mar 2010 23:16
Pie level: Critical
My pie level is very low. I'm going to ride to Hico Saturday to fix that. I'll be there about 1 PM. ... 19 Mar 2010 00:37
New Orleans Yamaha Venture
Has New Orleans legal tender converted to the Argen- tinian Peso? Surely, this Yamaha Venture owner can't believe this bike is going to bring 26K American dollars? Regard- less of what a "great deal" it is. Maybe it's the extra strobe light additions that result in the inflated price. http://dallas.cra... 27 Feb 2010 22:08
ignore violation, pay toll, or pay toll plus fee?
I (and one of my kids) both rode from Ft Polk thru Houston to San Antonio on 2/2/2010 (it was freezing cold) and we stayed in the HOV lane all the way thru Houston's I-20. I had programmed an old GPS for no tolls before we left so I am not sure how I got on the toll. We saw toll booths on the non HOV lane but th... 23 Feb 2010 19:27
The Calgary Motorcycle Show
Well I managed to get a taste of riding in the middle of what is shaping up to be a long nasty winter. The Motorcycle Show is in town. There was little new at this years version of the show. The bikes all looked the same. It's strange how the different brands all meld into one mass of spit and polished paint ... 10 Jan 2010 00:01
Concealed Handgun Carry at the International Motorcycle Show (Convention Center)
"Jim Douglas" <james.douglas(a)genesis-software.com> wrote in message news:MMOdnc6Ird8lTrbWnZ2dnUVZ_gBi4p2d(a)giganews.com... Martin wrote: Sorry if it's a little off-topic, but I'm planning to ride the DART rail down to the Dallas Convention Center tomorrow to avoid parking hassles. Since I won't have a... 19 Dec 2009 05:12
They now have a partner handling the unit for vehicles. The vehicle unit if always on (transmitting) where the cell only works when receiving or xmitting calls. Get one for the BB boys http://www.roadsidewizard.com/images/demo_small.gif ...louie ... 20 Sep 2007 19:46
I spent about 30 minutes writing a response to BRIAN WALKERS posts and decided not to post them here. I want to go on record as saying we did nothing wrong with his bike, he abused and cursed everyone within earshot, called another customer an SOB and basically spent about 30 minutes issuing terrorist threats. If y... 19 Jun 2007 12:19
Weather trip
It is 68� here at the FW side of DFW. Isn't it nearly June? Just looking around I see that 104�'s it predicted for Thursday out in Arizona. If summer ain't coming here, we need to go to it. Wednesday a.m., heading that way, Southern Az, Grand Canyon, up into Utah, over to Colorado, down through New Mexico and bac... 29 May 2007 11:48
Harley is an investment?? (it is?)
Our good friend LB, bought an 03 100 Year Special Edition Harley Davidson. Paid something around 22,000 (cash) (Taxes, chrome, and H.D. 'xtries like Bells and whistles, we know them HD bells and stuff are quite expensive) <g> The first time I saw it, and we rode out of Bowie county, and doing a lotta braggin on... 28 Feb 2007 22:18
Bizarre stuff and possible danger at ABE Cycles- 3011 East Commerce Street
After visiting several motorcycle shops in the area, it appears that everyone I have spoken with is familiar with Abe from ABE Cycles. Numerous stories and rumors about his bizarre behavior and allegations that he has killed people would make anyone wonder why a sane person would go to ABE Cycles in San Antonio. I ... 18 Jul 2006 22:00
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