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"The Real Bev" <bashley101+usenet(a)> wrote in message
>... I had possibly 9 (I didn't count and don't have a
> detailed bill yet) crowns and three fillings. Total chair time 16 hours
> spread over 6 days.

Geez. Made me think think of this TV episode. Jump to 2:31.

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endurodog wrote:

> Thanks for the report Bev, I have been hearing some good stories about
> getting stuff done down there. You found a web page for the place, can you
> post that.
The dentists were Jose Valenzuela and Hector Beltran.

My SIL and her husband are happy with Dr. Ayala:

Big list: is the cheapest place,
and there are at least 6 branch offices. Since frame price is not
necessarily an indicator of quality, save your money; I've never bought
anything but the cheapest frames I could find and I've never broken one
I couldn't fix with super glue.

It's 95% of the lawyers making the other 5% look bad.
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The Real Bev wrote:
> Tiago Rocha wrote:
> > On Aug 18, 1:08 am, The Real Bev <bashley101+use...(a)> wrote:
> >> Bottom line: DO IT!
> >
> >> $2700.
> >
> > Do you know, more or less, how much you'd spend on your hometown to do
> > the same job?
> I was quoted $7500

triple ouch! Teeth removal is less expensive, right? If not, I'd take
a 40kg rock, tie it to the painful tooth and drop the rock from a
bridge. Or to to mejico, of course.

> which would mean that the local place
> under-diagnosed and overcharged.

That's concerning!

> > -- Tiago
> > -> got full dental & medical care from my employers.
> Nice. We used to have stuff like that here.

why not anymore?

-- Tiago

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Dean H. wrote:

> I'm sure glad I had good insurance these past few years. Ugh.

I went without insurance for 10 years. Just needed the normal annual
girlie-tests which are pretty cheap. Since I hit medicare I've had a
succession of trivial but annoying ailments/injuries which would have
cost thousands of dollars had I not invested even more thousands of
dollars in medicare and blue cross supplements.

You can't win for losing. If I don't get some REALLY serious disease
I'll really be pissed that I wasted all that money.

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'Politics' comes from an ancient Greek word meaning
'many blood-sucking leeches.' -- Mark Russell
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