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On 26 July, 11:06, "Andrew Chapman" <a...(a)> wrote:

> If we are on tales of this kind I once rode an MZ250 from Birmingham to
> Leeds with a holed piston.  Somewhere around Coventry it started
> misbehaving and would only run with the throttle wide open - so I just
> held it against the stop all the way.  My mate (who owned the bike came
> up the next weekend and we stripped it down to find a hole in the
> piston.  He just replaced it and it was fine.  The MZ250 might have
> been a bit agricultural, but it was a solidly built thing (with totally
> c__p brakes!)

Eh? How does a single cylinder two stroke run with a hole in the

Can't see that working 'cos you'd get no compression of the charge to
ignite it
and no way of pushing the charge up the transfer ports from the
on the exhaust stroke of the piston.

Of course, I'm visualising a hole in the piston crown which might be
I'm going wrong.
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