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A few hours after speaking to a rep friend of mine in the shop today I got a call from someone sounding suspiciously like Terry Tibbs. My rep friend was telling how two or three shops had been phoned recently by someone sounding just like him and giving them the runaround. My caller stopped short when I said "So Mr... 11 Jul 2010 12:43
Vitalite tub
"Grimly Curmudgeon" <grimly4REMOVE(a)> wrote in message news:lf8e361an88rljn97ilpt89qdiajsnf149(a) I note with some disappointment the Vitalite round tub is no more. Does anyone know of some other consumable that comes in similarly-shaped and durable packaging? I'm using a couple of ... 11 Jul 2010 06:11
Background checks and further information: advice, please
Anybody know of any legal ways to obtain information about a 3rd party, such as criminal offences, tax evasion, business interests, etc. without needing to inform the person concerned? Can't discuss why, at present, other than a group of ordinary people are about to get mightily fucked over. Any not so legal w... 12 Jul 2010 07:28
Cameras (again)
> Problem is, I don't think I'm going to win any competitions with this Kodak CX7330 - brilliant snapper that it may be. I used the Canon SLRs 300D, 1000D and currently the 500D and I'd recommend any of them. In the UK they often come with a 18-55mm kit lens, and also can have an offer of buying a 70-3... 21 Jul 2010 15:53
Emergency flange nuts
Where can I get a brace of 10mm flange nuts in Bath? Avery, Knight and Bowler and my friendly neighbourhood workshop don't have them. -- Si deve tornare alle basi: Marx ed i Clash. Michael Carley: ... 6 Jul 2010 17:52
I'm bidding on...
An RS2000. I'll let you know if I win it, and that looks likely. It's currently at 11 quid, seriously. -- Lozzo Versys 650 Tourer, CBR600F-W racebike in the making, TS250C, RD400F (somewhere) ... 5 Jul 2010 05:40
Paging the Fishermen
Don't ask why, I'm not sure why, but I've bought a pole and rig to go fishing with the kids. Fucked though if I have a real clue about fishing other than when I were a kid we'd stick a worm on a hook and sit by a bank. Just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a numpty beginners guide either ... 6 Jul 2010 18:59
What a day...
So, those that have been paying attention will know that Andy's latest stupidity is a proposed desert rally. I'm rather proud that in his search for the stupid and easily led I was high on the list. However I'm not quite stupid enough to do it with little recent off road experience (excluding flying into trees... 9 Jul 2010 16:10
There are some real arseholes around ...
rick wrote: ... like the one who put two penknife blade sized holes in my back tyre while I was in the supermarket yesterday. I watched bemusedly as two security guards ejected some oik from the motorcycle bit of the carpark and when I came back out found the tyre virtually flat. It turns out that the ... 6 Jul 2010 16:45
Paging the job hunters
Any of these look interesting? If so, let me know. -- ogden | gsxr1000 | rgv250 ... 3 Jul 2010 05:53
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