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>>>> > Moike wrote:
>>>> >> Nev.. wrote:
>>>> >>> I think leaning the body and keeping the bike upright is a better
>>>> >>> cornering policy for gravel road.
>>>> >> Why?
>>>> > For me it's the (perhaps) misguided belief that a tyre is elliptical and
>>>> > thus have more contact/grip when vertical.
>>>> > --
>>>> > Elsie.
>>>> I've been reading this thread conscientiously, and taking in everything
>>>> people have said about riding on gravel, and you know what? It seems there
>>>> are so many dfferent opinions about the best approach that I am going to
>>>> just take my own bloody advice and avoid gravel altogether - a policy that
>>>> has served me well over the years.
>>>> betty
>>>and you will miss so much of this beautiful land of ours
>>>I just can't do gravel marty. Sad but true. If I don't accept my limitations
>>>(not without having tested them ) I could end up missing a lot more....
>>>I'm comfortable doing road-riding, and there are lots of (sealed) roads for
>>>me to ride. Probably enough to fill up the 30 years of riding future I hope
>>>I have left :-) As much as I would like to learn dirt riding, I'm not sure
>>>that my body could take it!
>>>I'm trying to be realistic here. I have arthritic spots in my spine &
>>>shoulders. I have about 25% of a hamstring on my left leg. I'm short. I'm
>>>unco. I'm 50.
>>>None of these things are assets for the aspiring off road rider. My brain,
>>>sense of humour and ability to laugh at fart jokes are stuck at 25
>>>(actually, my ability to laugh at fart jokes is stuck at about 12!), but my
>>>ligaments and bones aren't!
>> Don't worry about it Betty. I absolutely loathe gravel on a road bike.
>> I cannot deal with it. But I love riding trail bikes and quads and
>> rally cars on dirt. A road bike is not set up for it.
>Having said that, I had a ball coming back through a few hundred km of
>dirt around Kingstown station, Lake Keepit etc, from the Ruptured
>Budgie this weekend. Probably shouldn't have been doing 120km/h given
>my level of experience. Yeah, probably definitely. But it was fun.
>Excellent countryside around there. The bike it filthy, but I haven't
>had time to clean it before the sun goes down.
>> [1] That said, he always tried to pass me on the back wheel if we were
>> riding together, even 2 up with his pregnant 2nd wife on the back. He
>> has yet to achieve that. The laws of physics, Jim.
>She just didn't lean far back enough.

Oh, it was well and truly on the back wheel. But maximum acceleration
comes just before the front wheel lifts so I would just open the
throttle and pull away before he got past. And as I know him really
well, I could always tell when he was about to try it on. Having more
horsepower than his Thunderace didn't hurt either :-)

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TimC wrote:
> Hmmm, will have to keep that in mind for next year.
> There was a Ducati there that was far cleaner than my bike. Dunno how
> they did it:
"Surprising seeing a sports bike successfully making it down the hundreds
of km of slippery clay" ?!


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