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On Jul 1, 10:17 am, "George W Frost" <georgewfr...(a)> wrote:
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> > Propaganda, eh?  You don't read books, do you, George?  Too much hard
> > work for that little brain of yours?  Can't read?  Well, in case I'm
> > wrong, here's a list of links.  (sorry if they've become truncated,
> > but I assume uyou know how to reconstruct a truncated link)
> That is the  the only thing you have guessed correctly
> I do not sit down all day every day reading books
> I do not read papers unlike yourself
> I read this newsgroup and a couple of others and that is my time
> I will not scroll down to read your links Gerry
> They are your preferred reading propaganda material

> > No.  If you can provide irrefutable references to verifyable facts,
> > it's hard to dismiss such stuff as propaganda.  You'll find lots of
> > references in most well researched non-fiction books.  But given the
> > you probably only read Carter Brown novels, I doubt you would have
> > know that.  Which is why I'm so patiently trepaning your skull.
> You claim that what is written by the Australian Government is propaganda
> yet you claim that what you read is not.
> Every publication written has an agenda
> whether it is written by Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse-tung, Winston
> Churchill or Robert Menzies
> or  Mother Therese
> They are still expressing their ideas upon the reader which amounts to
> propaganda
> or to sell books to make money
> You need to get another prescription Gerry

Damn, that was funny.