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atec 7 7 wrote:
> Nev.. wrote:
>> atec 7 7 wrote:
>>> Jordan wrote:
>>>> atec 7 7 wrote:
>>>>> riding sprung hubs and rigid pommie bikes taught me that hard tails
>>>>> slide to easily
>>>> OK for racey types like yourself, but timid people like me who just
>>>> want to get around at legal speeds find rigid frames just fine.
>>>> Jordan
>>> I take it then your inbuilt padding provides the missing suspension
>>> as I find rigids knock my chronic back problem for 6 hence the desire
>>> for suspension
>> Well duh.. hardly worth regarding yourself as any sort of benchmark
>> when you have cronic back problem.
> Nothing wrong with having suspension as I said the mono frames now
> available are very cool looking and perform far better with very high
> comfort , where does it say riding two wheels needs pain and stupidity ?

My comments had nothing to do with suspension, frames, comfort, pain or
even stupidity. I just said you were judging the suspension from a very
extreme bias so hardly providing an opinion worth noting.

'08 DL1000K8