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On Mon, 21 Jan 2008 11:31:51 -0800 (PST), Tim H <tntharrell(a)>

>On Jan 21, 10:29�am, "Jeff Deeney" <j...(a)> wrote:
>> During Beta testing, I reached two conclusions:
>> � � -Screws are far better than chains
>> � � -The 300XCW with auto clutch is a terrible snow bike (The XR200 rocked!)
>> Next winter ride, I'll be putting ice screws in the XR200. �That thing will
>> be an ice monster. �40hp does no good when you can only use 5 of it. �The
>> autoclutch kept me from lugging the 2-stroke all the way down to idle, which
>> is where the best traction can be found.
>I'm jealous that you have such nice snow to play in.
>Try adding more tungsten balls to the clutch. Rekluse sent my clutch
>with 5 tungsten balls, and instructions that would lead you to believe
>that you shouldn't
>use more of them, but on the recommendation of our Mr. Cook, I doubled
>that to 10 tungsten balls, and the improvement in low end hook up was
>monumental. The bike
>will still idle in gear, but as soon as you crack the throttle it
>starts hooking up. The loss of the low speed hook up was the main
>compaint I had with the Rekluse, but now I'm a happy camper. For the
>kind of riding we do, more heavy balls is definetely better.
>Tim H

What happen if you have heavy balls and no auto clutch?

Mike Baxter
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"Mike Baxter" <mgb***> wrote in message
> Might I suggest
> Mike Baxter

" Designed for winter snow & ice off road riding only. Not to be used on
bare or frozen ground as excessive damage will occur to tire and studs.
Studded tires are shipped with all studs installed by special machine.
Automotive studding tools will not work with these unique shape studs.
Michelin Studded Winter M+S tires are high-performance specialty off road
only tires and do not carry any guarantees or warranties what so ever. "

They might be nice for ice racing, but not trail riding.

Sorry, but for $275, I can build a lot of tires with ice screws or studs.


From: bajacornman on
> For the
> kind of riding we do, more heavy balls is definetely better.

Yes... big heavy balls are an assett for the kind of riding we do... :)
From: Jeff Deeney on
Here's how well tire chains work on solid ice, covered with a dusting of

Yeah, I meant to do that....


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>On Mon, 21 Jan 2008 11:29:38 -0700, "Jeff Deeney" <jld(a)> wrote:



I thought that you were supposed to lay on your back when making
snow angels.

Wudsracer/Jim Cook
Smackover Racing
'06 Gas Gas DE300
'82 Husqvarna XC250

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