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Mike wrote:

>> PF
> Note to self, do not post reply until you have typed it!!
> You do need conformity documents but I don't know if there are date related
> limits. I did notice that the Triumph UK web-site had a scheme to assist
> the process for taking a bike to France, via their French Importers.

The change to registering mopeds in France brought a sudden demand for
conformity documents for these machines. Some of the French clubs made
put downloadable ones on their websites. F'rinstance, Les Mordus du
Galet have the appropriate V´┐ŻloSoleX docs on their wibble. Mayhap other
clubs offer the same sort of thing for bigger bikes?

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> My French neighbour used to use his credit card and the automatic barriers
> all winter but always payed cash at a booth in the summer, just to see the
> talent.

That made me chuckle. Lots.

> I have often wondered if there is an old aircraft hangar somewhere with rows
> of dexian racking where they store these girls through the winter.
> If I ever find it Bear, I'll send you the co-ordinates for your Sat-Nav !!

heh. Can't hurt.
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