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>>> Next time buy a real motorcycle.
>>> Boxer
>> Like this?
> Is there a bike at the end of that link?

I hope so!

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I suggest contacting the Yamaha dealership in Whitehorse.
These people went WAY above and beyond the call of duty
when I encountered trouble on an R1 when riding from Alaska
back to home - Chicago.


"Serge Zoritch" <someone(a)> wrote in message
> The letter, below, was mailed 09.10.05. To date, no response has been
> received.
> I will post any reply that is received.
> Thanks
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ----
> Serge Zoritch
> Address deleted
> Canada
> 09-09-22
> Takashi Kajikawa
> President & CEO
> Yamaha Motor Co. LTD
> 2500, Shingai,, Iwata, Shizuoka
> 438-8501, Japan
> Konnichiwa,
> I am a long time customer of Yamaha motor products, having owned five
> Yamaha motorcycles over thirty-five (35) years. The reason I am writing
> you this letter is because of my most recent Yamaha motorcycle purchase.
> In 2004, I bought a new FJR1300 and all of the available Yamaha
> accessories. This was my dream motorcycle come true.
> A short while ago I took that motorcycle to a Yamaha dealer in Salmon
> Arm, BC, to have them diagnose a loud ticking noise coming from the
> engine. I assumed it to be something that required an adjustment. A
> few days later I received a telephone call from the service manager
> (XXXXXXXX) of that dealership and was told that the exhaust valve guides
> were failing and that it would cost about thirty five hundred dollars
> ($3,500) to repair. The gentleman explained that he had called the
> local Yamaha Representative who explained that it is a known design flaw
> in that year of FJR1300 motorcycle. Apparently the dealer's service
> manager asked the rep. if Yamaha would cover the some or all of the cost
> of the repairs, seeing as it was a manufacturer�s flaw. The rep's reply
> was that the motorcycle is five years over the warranty period and that,
> had the failure occurred within two years of the warranty, Yamaha would
> have covered it.
> I should add at this time that the motorcycle now has just over 17,000
> km. The motorcycle is in pristine condition, has been dealer serviced,
> according to the maintenance schedule in the owner's manual, and has
> been garage stored for six months of the year, every year, since it was
> bought. The winters where I live are harsh enough to make motorcycle
> riding dangerous.
> Having found the local Yamaha rep's response unacceptable, I called
> Yamaha's Canadian headquarters in Toronto and talked to a two people in
> the customer service department. I asked both of them if they thought
> it reasonable to expect a twenty thousand dollar motorcycle to have a
> motor life expectancy of 17,000 km? Neither of them would answer the
> question and kept on repeating that it is five years over the warranty
> period as if it were some kind of mantra.
> This letter is an appeal to your sense of fairness. I refer to your
> Management Principles from the 2009 Yamaha Corporation Fact Book. �We
> strive to achieve our corporate mission by adhering to three principals.
> #1. Creating value that surpasses customer�s expectations. We must
> remain keenly aware of customer's evolving needs, in order to provide
> them with quality products and services of exceptional value that
> surpass their expectations. We can and will earn a fair profit by
> making all-out efforts to satisfy our customers.� (The other two
> principals refer to management objectives.)
> I ask you:
> - Do you think it reasonable to expect a $20,000 dollar motorcycle to
> have a motor life expectancy of 17,000 km? Is this a reasonable
> expectation?
> - Does it sound like my expectations have been surpassed?
> - Is this an example of your definition of either quality products or
> services?
> - Is this really an all-out effort to satisfy me as a loyal Yamaha Motor
> Product customer?
> I await your response.
> Sincerely yours,
> Serge Zoritch
> P.S. The motorcycle was parked in my garage for almost three years (I
> had seizures due to a brain tumor.) The tumor was removed in Feb. 2007
> but I could not drive for two more years as I continued with more
> seizures. This accounts for the low mileage.
> The seizures are now under control and I would like to ride my
> motorcycle.
> S.Z.
> Cc: Yamaha newsgroups

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nobody believes the story