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lindsey825(a)gmail.com wrote in news:5a4b5e25-58eb-46c7-82c7-b641eb2cc095 @t54g2000hsg.googlegroups.com: I recently purchased a left-over yz 125 from a local yamaha dealer. I was told there was a six mopnth warranty on this machine, and now that i need repairs, the dealer is telling me that there is no warran... 5 Aug 2010 13:37
Yamaha Toro Rosa
Hi, i am searching for parts for Yamaha Toro Rosa build 98'. I have no success in google. Is there an other model name for this "Toro Rosa" i can search in google? ... 7 Jun 2010 06:24
Flickering a starter switch...
This might be a weird question but it may save your starting gears.?? A lot of ppl multi press the starter switch to start the car/vehicle/scooter in a quick flicker of on/off....to get a better start with less battery drain. After looking at the starter clutch start systems, I think that's not so good o... 10 Apr 2010 00:33
Superbike-Coach Track Drill, Buttonwillow on 04/12/10
Superbike-Coach Track Drill, Buttonwillow on 04/12/10. Available courses are: - Track Drill, goup ($89) - Track Drill, 1on1 ($249) - Setup Course, group ($29) Check it out and book quick. The spots are resticted. http://www.superbike-coach.com/program/track_drill/hauptteil_track_drill.html ... 1 Apr 2010 04:42
.... on our Wheelie bike on 2/28/2010 at Stockton, CA Safe envirement Legal Wheelie Bike and your own. Wheelie Bar Coaching http://www.superbike-coach.com (Additional courses are available: Track Drill, Wheelie Course, Road Skill, Setup Course… individual and group coaching) ... 29 Dec 2009 04:19
2004 650 VStar Classic Won't Start
In article <84ae5990-4737-4834-a63a-9805ef9532c8(a)n35g2000yqm.googlegroups.com>, Mack the Knife <bulldog101750(a)yahoo.com> wrote: On Nov 27, 7:54�pm, Billy <goeds...(a)gmail.com> wrote: ... I have a 2000 Vstar 650. I had weird starting problems that manifested themselves mostly in colder weather. Went through a... 7 Dec 2009 09:37
<someone(a)some.domain> wrote give me a 300lb bike with 35hp and good brakes! Why would you choose some underpowered overweight bike like that? Jeeze, SWMBO's old 125cc Hondas and Yamahas made more power and only weighed half as much. A good 250 makes 80 hp and weighs well under 200 pounds. Oh, you want a... 3 Sep 2009 09:02
V-Star Question
I have a 2000 V-Star 650 Custom. I noticed when I first turn the key in the ignition BEFORE starting the bike, it makes a fast clicking sound somewhere under the gas tank then it stops. Then I go ahead and start the bike. Seems like it gets worse when it's colder? Any ideas? Thanks. ... 5 Nov 2008 20:36
XS 750 1977
Hi can anyone help? I am looking for front calipers for my xs 750 1977 .Dose anyone know of any other bike what might have the same calipers to fit . Thanks Ken ... 4 Oct 2008 13:50
XV535 compression
Hi all, I saw some good answers to XV535 questions, so maybe you can help me out. First up is some background, but if your not interested, you can skip this next paragraph. It�s important to note that I have not owned a 535 up to now (or any twin this small), so I don�t know how normal/abnormal the below is. ... 14 Jul 2008 16:50
What is an average Idle speed for a sport bike. ... 19 Jun 2008 00:03
Will XJ750 Carbs work on a XJ650?
Will carbs from a 1982 XJ650 work on a 1982 XJ650? Is the carb body the same? I figure I need to check all the jet sizes and so forth... Thanks, Kyle ... 20 Aug 2007 19:01
VMax Engine stalls when idling
I have a 2006 VMax with about 1900 miles. Recently, I've noticed a problem where the engine stalls when idling. At best this is inconvenient when not in traffic and at worst, downright dangerous when in traffic. Has anyone seen or heard of this and if so, what's the fix? Thanks for any help. ... 20 Aug 2007 20:04
If Yamalube is the worst oil according to charts like AMSOIL, why is it the most expensive oil as well???? Mobil 1 seems to be the best m-cycle lube. -- Triad Productions-Fantalla�~EZine~ParaNovel National Astrophysical Assault Research http://lacasse.naar.be http://ammo.at/lacasse ... 13 Jun 2007 12:08
XJ600 Clutch
I appreciate this is a very general question and depends on mode of use but roughly how long would a clutch on an XJ600 be expected to last. I've owned my own since new, it's done 30,000 miles and over the last couple of days gear selection has become quite difficult. No obvious slipping but I can change with... 6 Apr 2007 19:07
Yamaha XVS1100 Dragstar/V Star AIS removal
I have been seeing AIS removal kits for the Yamaha XVS 1100 Dragstar/V Star, is this a performance improvement or is it just cosmetic, removing some of the clutter Paul ... 17 Feb 2007 19:04
tsukayu hardbargs?
Has anyone bought the tsukayu hardbags: http://www.tsukayu.com/Strong.htm Any comments about them? I'm thinking in ordering a pair, but I haven't read any review... ... 4 Jan 2007 16:46
yamaha xv500 SE: I need manual
someone can help me? I need manual or book for yamaha xv500Se (1985) Tnx in advance... rob ... 18 Jul 2006 21:54
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