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>>>>>> What they WON'T do is stop being hoons and/or actually start
>>>>>> denouncing hoons for the stain on the motorcycling community that they
>>>>>> are. And the main reason for this is that by and large they ARE the
>>>>>> motorcycling community.
>>>>> I own and ride a 1200cc air-cooled twin which makes about 75hp at the
>>>>> rear wheel and weighs about 250kg.
>>>>> That's not very 'hoonish' in my book.
>>>>> Oh and there is my Suzuki & HRD outfit (that's got a double sidecar on
>>>>> it), I'm not sure how fast it goes but it gets a bit scary over 120kph
>>>>> so I never really tried.
>>>>> My next bike purchase?
>>>>> Well I'm trying to decide between a SYM HD200 scooter and an Aprillia
>>>>> Scarabeo 200 and wondering if I'd be better with something just a little
>>>>> bigger like a SYM Citycom 300i or Aprillia 250.
>>>>> Oh... the 300i makes 24ps and it's the most powerful of that lot.
>>>>> I don't really think I'm part of the supersports rider demographic
>>>>> you're making me out to be (and nor to be honest are any of the regulars
>>>>> I've met from this newsgroup).
>>>> I think an _intelligent_ reader would have deduced that I was not not
>>>> saying that you, personally, were a hoon. Go back and do Engish
>>>> Comprehension 101 _again_, will you, please, there's a good lad...
>>> Yes but you did say that the majority of the newsgroup either were hoons
>>> or were apologists for them or words to that effect.
>> Yes, and what part of "none of that infers or implies that you, Geoff,
>> are a hoon" do you still not get?
>> BTW, it also does not infer or imply that you , Geoff, are NOT a hoon.
>>> I'm just wondering who you are specifically putting in each category?
>> Keep wondering. ;-)
>No... I'm asking, not wondering.

Well I'm not walking into that minefield.


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>>>>>> Diogenes wrote:
>>>>>>>> Lowering the speed limit and altering the road marking laws to
>>>>>>>> prohibit
>>>>>>>> overtaking simply enables the enforcement effort to trap people who
>>>>>>>> are
>>>>>>>> riding in a sensible, and until recently, perfectly legal manner.
>>>>>>> So you're saying that it's all an evil, antisocial plan to trap the
>>>>>>> innocent whilst turning a blind eye to the guilty? You don't think
>>>>>>> that's a bit of a skewed view of reality?
>>>>>> I'm saying that the gumbiment see this lowering of speed limits as
>>>>>> having the bonus effect of raising the amount of revenue their mobile
>>>>>> tax gathering units (highway patrols) get from day dreaming car
>>>>>> drivers
>>>>>> (and the occasional motorcyclist).
>>>>> Yes, it gives them more money with which to finance more active
>>>>> traffic patrolling. Good innit? It's called economics". JL can
>>>>> tell you all about it. ;-)
>>>> If it was used for that I wouldn't have such a problem with it.
>>>> If it was even used to fund general police services I wouldn't have a
>>>> problem with it.
>>>> But the revenue from fines goes mostly into general revenue where it's
>>>> used for such diverse and useful things as excessive superannuation
>>>> funds for pollies and golden plane tickets for retired pollies and
>>>> their
>>>> families and blowing their own horn in television adverts.
>>> So where are we going with this? Disband all government agencies and
>>> hire private contractors? More activism to get the government to
>>> redirect the revenue? Or just whinging in newsgroups because it's oh
>>> so tendy? Where?
>>I'm waiting for someone to start a 3rd party that actually makes sense :)
> And what would such a party stand for? What would its major policies
> be?

More power to the motorcyclist and make every motorcyclist join an outlaw
club and wear a patch.

Rule # 3 to be instigated and maintained at all times

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> Gerry

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>>>I'm waiting for someone to start a 3rd party that actually makes sense :)
>> And what would such a party stand for? What would its major policies
>> be?

>More power to the motorcyclist and make every motorcyclist join an outlaw
>club and wear a patch.

>Rule # 3 to be instigated and maintained at all times



Onya bike

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On 2010-01-30, Marts (aka Bruce)
was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea:
> Many other roads have long continuous stretches of 80 km/h limits.
> A lot of these roads which were safe and legal to pass are now illegal to pass.
> I saw 1 cop bike coming out of Reefton Spur and a couple of radar patrol cars as
> well as roadside speed cameras. So, they were out there, ready, willing and able
> to fine us if we had the unmitigated gall to pass a slow vehicle on a straight
> stretch of road with great visibility all because a single white line exists.
> For those that don't know in November new laws came into force here in Victoria.
> One of them now makes a single continuous white line the same as if it was a
> double white line. ie. no overtaking.

A few weeks ago, I rode back via the snowies, and marvelled that the twisty
road was all at 100km/h with dashed lines everywhere, even on blind corners.
As if they were saying in an enlightened voice, "overtake at your own risk,
responsibly". I got stuck behind a few cars, but no more than a minute at a
time. I repeated this again in NZ over the past couple of weeks[1].

Then I rode on putty road, where the limit was 80km/h (or worse, Bell's line
of road at 60km/h), and there were double white lines on perfectly straight
stretches, presumably just because some people have killed themselves
somewhere else on the road. And I thought, there were a couple of times on
that trip where I nearly came unstuck because I was riding beyond my ability
(ie, I was being stupid). And double white lines and 80km/h limits would
not have saved me. 40km/h limits would not have saved me, because all of my
errors were on very tight corners, and you can't reasonably limit hundreds
of km of road to 15km/h.

I do wonder how well this enforcing job is working out for the police.

[1] NZ was odd. There were truly unambigously unsafe places that were still
painted with dashed lines. But plenty of reasonably long straight bits on
the same road where it was safe for at least a motorbike to pass, where
there were solid double lines. But I never could work out their colour

"I'm lucky that mountain biking wasn't around when I was 20, because I
wouldn't have won the Tour de France. It's my kind of sport - hard,
individualistic, and not a lot of tactics." -- Greg LeMond
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> Hoons are an elusive crowd. You target one area, they go to another.
> Nothing seems to deter them anyway. They are irresponsible adrenalin
> junkies with overblown egoes and reptilian brians. I can't see any
> program that would be effective in dealing with them short of
> something drakonian. So, unfortunately as is the case with so many
> other things, the innocent get inconvenienced because of the guilty.

Open speed limits in the bends.