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G-S wrote:
> Diogenes wrote:
>> And what proposals can you offer the gummint?
> I don't believe it's my job to 'offer proposals' to the gummint.

What about NASA ? :)

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Diogenes wrote:
> Hoons are an elusive crowd. You target one area, they go to another.
> Nothing seems to deter them anyway. They are irresponsible adrenalin
> junkies with overblown egoes and reptilian brians. I can't see any
> program that would be effective in dealing with them short of
> something drakonian. So, unfortunately as is the case with so many
> other things, the innocent get inconvenienced because of the guilty.

That doesn't make sense. If the hoons are already breaking the law,
what benefit is there (in terms of catching or deterring these hoons) in
making draconian changes to the laws, or the application of the laws,
except for the purpose of shifting the goalposts which by definition
creates more 'hoons' without any behaviour change?

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Diogenes wrote:

> I've been in this newsgroup now for about 15 years and I have yet to
> see the more rational motorcyclists come out and denounce the hoons
> for spoiling it for the the rest. They whinge about the authorities
> but they won't whinge about the hoons who brought it all upon us.
> It's bullshit.

Yes, you're right, it is bullshit. What makes you think it's the hoons
driving these changes? It's the determination of the government to be
seen to be doing something and a belief among the authorities that they
can reduce the road toll significantly, and that the collection
conscience of the community wants to die in a car crash.

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Marts wrote:
> Nev.. wrote...
>> It is part of the move to a uniform set of narional road rules.
> Yep, and which still fall flat. For example, one of the new rules is that you
> cannot make a U turn on an unbroken line. However, in NSW, unlike here, you
> cannot make a U turn anywhere, unless it's signposted. Here, it's the opposite,
> other than the white continuous line rule. ie. you can make a U turn whenever
> you feel like it unless signposted otherwise.
> I prefer the NSW approach. If someone has to turn around, then do so at the next
> intersection and go around the block.

In nsw you can make a u turn anywhere except
�where there is a NO U-TURN sign.
�Across any single unbroken (continuous) line or double centre lines,
whether or
not one line is broken.
� At traffic lights unless you see a U-TURN PERMITTED sign at the
�On motorways.

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TimC wrote:

> and you can't reasonably limit hundreds
> of km of road to 15km/h.

Now you've done it!!!

The idea has entered the collective consciousness