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"PaulpULVITZKA" <pulvitzka(a)> wrote in message
> "Labor is borrowing $100 million a day to pay back Government debt"
> Dudd arrived into office with a surplus, all gone, and
> more,.......LOTS MORE.....
> Not only will your GRANDKIDS be paying this back [let alone your
> children] but your NEXT Generation will too.....
> The new Julia [born in Wales, should be like USA policy, NOT allowed
> to be in High-Office] is as bright as the "old" Julia, great back-
> stabber though!
> I weep for the future of this once great country............

Things are getting grim when the Liberal Party supporters feel forced to
place their views on a motorcycle news group. Is nothing sacred?

John Dwyer.

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"Doug Jewell" <ask(a)> wrote in message

> Targetted infrastructure construction would have done a much better job of
> stimulating the economy than the plasma TV bonus, spending $800,000 on
> $100,000 classrooms, and the pink-batt stuff-up.


> For that matter, if things did go belly up into a full-blown recession and
> we hit 10% unemployment, it would have been cheaper to pay the unemployed
> $35k/year for 2 years, than the Labor stimulus. Such spending would have
> still had an equivalent stimulus effect anyway.
> What labor did was waste. Pure and simple.

Absolutely, but then they do it time and again.

Labor has an *appalling* history of wasting money every time they get into
office, and this government is no exception. In fact I'd go so far as to
suggest they've been one of the worst in recent times, as all they've seemed
to do is throw money at every single obstacle they've come across with no
real thought process behind what they're doing other than a firm belief that
if they chuck enough cash at it the problem will go away.



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"Noddy" <me(a)> wrote in message
> "Clocky" <notgonn(a)> wrote in message
> news:4c63907f$0$11089$c3e8da3(a)
>> Do the letters GFC mean anything to you?
> Nope.
> The GFC, such as it was, was little more than an *American* financial
> crisis that had a slight impact on *some* other countries. The effect it
> had here was minimal at best.
>> Wasn't it better to spend money, save jobs and prevent going into
>> recession whilst the economies of countries like the UK and the US and
>> rest of Europe were going down the tube?
> There's been some slowdown in other parts of the world, particularly in
> America, but saying that the rest of Europe is in trouble is stretching
> things a tad :)

Much of Europe is in deep economic trouble Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain
to name a few.

> Oh, and England's ecconomy has been fucked since the end of WWII.
>> There were fuckups along the way, sure, but things could have turned out
>> a lot worse too.

That's true

> I'm afraid the worst is yet to come for us here in sunny old Oz.
> Had the government done nothing we would have weathered the storm and come
> out the other side without a hiccup.

I'm not an economist and i'd guess by that comment neither are you.
Not even the coalition believe that.

> Instead they had a massive knee-jerk in listening to all the financial
> forecasters who couldn't see past next Tuesday and threw *shitloads* of
> money at a problem that never existed with the nett result being that
> we'll be in debt for *years* and have to be taxed up the wahzoo to pay for
> it.

But my tax hasn't gone up?
Debt is not always a big bad bogeyman that the media and opposition would
have you believe.
If you had lived your life debt free you would not be building yourself a
nice new house with enviable shed right now.


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The problem with discussing politics in is that is
full of people who think cars are exciting.
Such people should not really be consulted on things as mildly important
as politics.

From: Y on

"Lars Chance" <lars.chance(a)> wrote in message
> The problem with discussing politics in is that is full
> of people who think cars are exciting.
> Such people should not really be consulted on things as mildly important
> as politics.

Haha you might be right but i like cars, and bikes.
I generally don't care if a discussion breaks out or not.
Just one mans opinion is all i bring.


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