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"Shaun Van Poecke" <shaunvanpoecke(a)> wrote in message
> Let's have it then.
> What's your favourite two day ride starting from anywhere in aus?

It'd take me 2 days to get to anywhere, starting from nowhere.

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On Fri, 03 Aug 2007 02:59:24 GMT, "smack" <smack(a)> wrote:

>For a trip like that I usually load the bike onto the ute. Too many straight
>bits. And screw carrying gear, book into a motel (like Mildura)
>beer mate?
Beer? anytime mate - MotoGP?

Johno <my shout?>

Beer lads?

From: Toosmoky on
smack wrote:

> It'd take me 2 days to get to anywhere, starting from nowhere.

You're from Townsville too?

Work to ride, Ride to Work...
From: BT Humble on
bikerbetty wrote:
> "Tex" <tropi...(a)> wrote in message
> >>> Day 1: Canberra - Cooma - Jindabyne - Thredbo - Khancoban (overnight
> >>> stop)
> >>> Day 2: Khancoban - Cabramurra - Adaminaby - Cooma - Canberra
> Yeah, but don't you reckon the Canberra-Cooma bit is too boring to do twice
> in one short trip??

Let's do that loop in a couple of months time Betty, but we'll swap
one of the Canberra-Cooma legs for a Canberra-Tharwa-Adaminaby one.
Rumour has it that you like dirt roads now? ;-)


From: BT Humble on
bikerbetty wrote:
> Yep, some great roads - but the really good roads to the nice places always
> seem to start with boring bits - Canberra - Cooma, Bungendore - Braidwood,
> Canberra - Yass..... know what I mean?

Canberra-Cooma can be substituted with Canberra-Tharwa-Admaninaby-

Bungendore-Braidwood is better as Bungendore-Tarago-Funkytown-
Braidwood. ;-)

Canberra-Yass for me is Gordon-Point Hut Crossing-Cotter Road-
Brindabella Road-Mountain Creek Road[1]-Yass.

[1] The one that has the signposts pointing to Yass and Wee Jasper.

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