From: john on
okay got about a foot or so here...
got out the toro 2 stroke (what a joke)
moved about 1/2 ton of snow with it to burn off
the remaining gas from the gas gas & hopped on
the new Holland diesel... 4x4 with bucket & plow
gotta love the heavy metal stuff, i moved a few
thousand yard of snow then moved on to dad's drive
& then to neighbors... all the while enjoying the
just a hair over idle torque characteristics of the diesel..
this has me missing the xr600r 7 it's tractor like qualities.
so like a bone head i looked into the paper and
saw some poor sole looking to peddle his ttr125 and
gave them a call... it an 06 and i think i'll pick it up tomorrow
Tami, i need some frame reinforcement ideas so i can
make sure it's wife proof... (she does know how to ride
a cr500 btw) i guess i'm going to get out the tig & mig

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