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Zebee Johnstone wrote:
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> munchausen <baron_munchausen(a)> wrote:
>> Jordan wrote:
>>> munchausen wrote:
>>>> Thankx, but a closed inspection of the bike revealed heaps more
>>>> needing attention :-(
>>> Just curious - is the bike a Suzuki?
>> No a honda of 84 vintage.
> OK, so it is now definitely an old bike, and is inching into "as
> found" status.
> Meaning there will be a bunch of little stuff needing doing. If you
> are lucky the bike will be pretty well original and only easily
> available bits will be missing or damaged. Faded clocks are nothing,
> although if one is faded and one isn't then that's very definitely
> crash damage.
> You either buy it as a cheap hack so cosmetics and lack of originality
> don't matter, or you buy it as a future "look at my classic" bike and
> so want as much originality as possible, followed by good major
> mechanicals unless there's a solid aftermarket. Then you trawl the
> wreckers looking for as many spares as you can find, especially
> cosmetics.
> Then in 10 years it is definitely a "classic", and people start to
> admire it, 10 years after that they are envious.
> Pick the bike of course, a bike that was admired in its time or else
> has become a cult later. An early 80s SR250 is the BSA Starfire of
> its day.... But then who'd have thought people would be paying good
> money for Bantams?
> Zebee
Yes indeed. Bikes that were avoided like the plague when new are
now changing hands at prices that bring tears to my eyes :-(.
Still have the MZ though :-)