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> On or around Mon, 19 Mar 2007 22:44:19 +0000,
> chateau.murray.takethisout(a) (The Older Gentleman) enlightened
> us thusly:
> >I've been thinking of buying one. Can anyone recommend a
> >make/model/price/source?
> elcheapo one from Aldi or somesuch. a friend picked it up for me. Small,
> mind, it holds just over a pint of fluid. handy for small things though. I
> did me watch, took about 5 or 6 goes but it successfully degunged the
> expanding metal bracelet with almost no effort.
> tried the tea strainer, with mixed results. got to find out what fluid
> dissolves tannin. coke might...

That's the one I got. Even with a drop of washing up liquid in and two
shots at it, it didn't improve my bass strings at all.

Mike Fleming
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