From: IdaSpode on
On Tue, 20 Jul 2010 06:23:28 -0700 (PDT), JayC <jwc(a)>

>> I wore them for a couple of hours, while walking around and loading to
>> head home. �They were comfortable, and only barely rubbed the outside
>> of my big toe on each foot.
>I second the SG10 recommendation. I have a pair that I bought from
>Idaspode - they feel like armored bedroom slippers, and I can actually
>close them around my calves. Not only are they made with huge calf
>area, they are also cut fairly wide. I can't wear Alpinstars - they
>are cut too lean for my feet/calves.

BTW, if anyone comes across some new size 10 SG1's let me know. I have
had three pairs, love 'em. I bought the SG10's thinking they would
just be an updated version of the SG1's but found them so large there
was no way they'd fit the toothpicks I have hanging between my hips
and my feet.

I'm about due for a new pair, for some reason, the way I weight my
left foot, the footpeg wears the sole out much faster than the right